Monday, February 15, 2010

Boat Junk Yard

plenty along the shoreline...

A scene typical of Penang coastal front; fisherman shack that looks like a junk yard. Weathered structures such as this is not uncommon but the delaminated walls needless to say, make interesting photographic subject.

Last few shots during the Chinese New Year holiday, and it was terribly hot hot hot but the clouds gave way for a nice sunrise early in the morning at around 6.45am

I almost got sucked into the mud plain, thanks to a 'lau chek' uncle who shouted warning at me when I was knee length deep! I wanted to get closer for my ultra wide composition of the wreck. Perhaps next time with my telephoto lens.. yay!


dolly said...

eemm.. what's 'lau chek'?

T r o y 1 6 said...

uncle toaaaa :)