Saturday, December 19, 2009

Monsoon Tour (Part II)

Kuala Terengganu was very wet and we had to cut short the tour and ran off to sunny Port Dickson :) Dang! we should have been there in the first place and, should have delayed the KT Trip to a more suitable season. We anyway, enjoyed our first experience being wet for a holiday (self pacifying lorr)

In PD, the family was on full gear clicking away nice landscape unseen in Penang. Its rather refreshing. Emma and Nazri below also enjoyed their first experience in handling DSLR and I guess they will be poisoned... soon enough ha ha...

Nazri led us to Tanjung Tuan where we trekked up the hilly cape to the infamous light house of the Stratits of Malacca. Our group enjoyed the brisk walk while capturing many flora and fauna that we found along the way. We forgot that it can be a laborious walk up as we were consumed with our shots, here is one of them with nice tones captured in film using the Fuji 6x7 handheld

Till our next family outing...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monsoon Tour

My family decided for a Monsoon outing 2 weeks ago.. to the East Coast in a very wet and rainy season. It was a Code Purple Category, we heard in the TV broadcasted a day earlier. Obviously Penangites like us are unused to the warning level :) Perhaps it was a richter scale of 5.0 for earthquake!

Our first stop was at Tasik Banding which was half way distance from Penang to Kota Bahru. The site was about to witness the ending ceremony of an Eco Challenge, something like Triathlon with dignitaries and police almost everywhere, except in the lake

After 5hrs we finally arrived but the rain was helter skelter and now we really experienced the almost code purple rain. We checked in into a small motel, something like a Bed&Breakfast inn, and immediately went for a tour of the infamous Pasar Siti Khadijah downtown KB.

A photographer friend whom we have never met, made all the arrangement for the next day "shooting" session. Thanks Jimmy, you were wonderful and we sincerely hope to meet you in Penang soon or whenever you are around this side of Peninsular.

The downpour was continuous, but the thunder god understood us that we just wanted a one hour windonw of no-rain for us to have a glimpse of KB without rain. Suddenly after breakfast at Hayaki Kopitiam, it did really happened and off quickly we went to Pantai Sabak, a beach near Pengkalan Chepa. Our Sherpa, Jimmy led us the way.

The boats were on the banks as fishermen are not able to go out fishing due to choppy waters, and they took this opportunity to do vessel maintenance. The scene and the boats were very colorful like the Thai fishing vessels we used to see in postcards. On some, they have intricate carvings of the headgear, kinda cool i think

(to be continued)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lata Bukit Hijau

On 12th December, I trailed to Lata Bukit Hijau, near Baling Kedah and I was pleasantly surprised by the clear blue sky that a person like me yearned as this climatic condition can provide (sometimes) beautiful scenes.

Coupled with the maturing greens of the paddy fields make the scenes even more luring.

In all my excitement, I forgot that I took many hundred of steps to the very top of Lata Bukit Hijau