Monday, February 15, 2010

Boat Junk Yard

plenty along the shoreline...

A scene typical of Penang coastal front; fisherman shack that looks like a junk yard. Weathered structures such as this is not uncommon but the delaminated walls needless to say, make interesting photographic subject.

Last few shots during the Chinese New Year holiday, and it was terribly hot hot hot but the clouds gave way for a nice sunrise early in the morning at around 6.45am

I almost got sucked into the mud plain, thanks to a 'lau chek' uncle who shouted warning at me when I was knee length deep! I wanted to get closer for my ultra wide composition of the wreck. Perhaps next time with my telephoto lens.. yay!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunset at Jetty to Pulau Aman

Happy Chinese New Year 2010, everyone!

It is always a hot weather in Penang comes Chinese New Year. This year is no exception, when the temperature raises to 36 degree Celcius with little clouds and i decided to take advantage to capture sunset scenes. What better location than the angle facing Pulau Aman, a small islet off Penang Island.

Here are 2 more images from my flickr websites

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Minah in Lausanne

I have a story to relate, about a 'young' Minah Kampung who decided to visit europe in the cold winter far away from sunny home. She first landed in Switzerland after transit from Dubai, a stark contrast between climate and culture, and below was one of the first several pictures of her in Switzerland.

The weather did not catch her by surprise but she was a tad under prepared for her winter clothing. In one of the early outing and being a kampung Minah, she almost get her tongue glued to icy pole at the bus stop downtown Lausanne. Minah really enjoyed and got herself exercised from the hilly landscape of Lausanne town, supermarket to supermarket hunting the roulade cheese + baguette

Lausanne is a small town beside the lake Geneva but most tourist areas are practically closed due to the cold weather condition. But, it was sufficient for Minah to got acquainted with Lausanne, a serene and quiet location.

A 40minute train ride separates Lausanne from Geneva and Minah decided to use this mode to commute inter city. She was full of joy able to view the country side of Switzerland, although its all white landscape due to the wintery climate. Later on during her stay she had a blast throwing snow balls and all...

At Grancy and after one day arriving, Minah can be considered as an expert in the metro subway knowing what route to take for the next destination and seen below she is all cold and quipped that her layers of clothing are not adequate to keep her warm

This one, she said, is specially dedicated to Salim Agusta our long long time friend's mascot...

At last, Minah with dear husband before the spate of snow ball fights...

Minah with Nan the butler, went for Asian store kitchen shopping for their preparation of home cook food. They bought lemongrass, chilly padi and anything that taste like home

Minah tried to get a bargain from the roadside sales, and as by this time she was jumping cold...

This Minah story ... will be continued