Monday, November 16, 2009

Penang Part Time Fisherman

Many Penang fisherman are sport fishermen. They do not earn a living from their fishing activity but a major passion and serious amateurs. Just like me, a serious amateur in photography. This is a small fishing enthusiasts' shack of 15 fishermen situated near the penang Bridge, run-down but with basic support to launch their motorized fibre-glass vessels (locals call them sampans).

These scenes can be seen along the coastal waters of Penang island where too some, classify them as eye sores while for me ... interesting subjects for B&W photography.

Before they are completely relocated to nearby modern facilities, I am seizing the opportunity to put them into archives which I am sure can be interesting viewings in years to come.

I like the image above; the fishermen stopped repairing their wooden platforms as their days are numbered to make way for the Penang coastal development project - The Light