Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ms Pesta at QBM

Last Sunday, I had the chance doing a photoshoot in Queensbay Mall for the Ms Pesta 2008. There were many fellow photographers and we had the front row space to capture the pageantry. While there are 18 contestants in total, I have preselected the probable champion and runners up... heh :)

TAN LAY LEE, she has good eye contact and not too-over catwalked, i judged her at #2

CHLOE, elegant. Her smile says it all and she gonna be the champion...heh

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family Shots

It is our colourful family, and its not often that we can be together as Jar Jar Binks is always occupied with his studies and with his 'better-half'...

Pic above is a pose by Jar Jar Binks in Bali Nov 2008, when he went for a study trip with the HBP team from USM. A distant cousin to Mr Bean, he ain't shy in posing several candids with Perth as the backdrop.

A morning snapshot near the minden gate in USM. Left to right; Yoda, Chewbacca, Ewok & Jar Jar Binks. We had a great family photography outing, albeit a short session...

Two days before, my wife and I went round Georgetown heritage sites together with New2Mac, Citan, of the images i have uploaded here in flickr

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jerejak Pier

Immediately after the Penang Bridge International Marathon being flagged off in the wee morning of 16 Dec 2008 and runners bee-lined towards the bridge, i took the chance to capture the Jerejak Pier again for probably the 4th time.

The morning sun rose slowly as i lined up for my shot, tripod secured on the soil bank and as I triggered a 25sec shutter, the tripod sank slowly without me knowing. The final image is blurred beyond help of a post-processing but the scene is just too exquisite for deletion. I am keeping this image as a good lesson for me.. hu hu

Sunday, November 2, 2008


These shots went out of the B&W conventions which normally require contrast and texture to enhance a monochrome image. Some say that rules are meant to be broken, and yes, these images below just did that. While most of the time rule of thirds plays an important principle in image composition, its cool to sometimes flaunt and see what happens.

This image is intended as a minimalist capture, it looks simple but I believe it carries a strong message of tranquility. When captured wide at 17mm, the scene looks busy but once the field of view is narrowed to 24mm a totally different compposition is achieved. Voila!

Here is another with stronger perspective feel. Cropping presented me with the option of isolating some distraction that appears on the left part of the original image.

This little boy threw his tantrum when his mother scolded him for some mischief. Taking advantage of his emotion and natural facial expression, I clicked a stream of shutters to capture every nuances he could provide. I find this image very amusing, and presented him a dollar upon which he gave me a wicked smile in return. Oh, how simple is his thoughts are, hence the title...Simplicity