Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pulau Aman

Pulau Aman is an island off the coast of Bukit Tambun (Seberang Perai) somewhere close to the southeast of Penang Island. An idyllic Malay fishing village, Pulau Aman is known for having the oldest Sukun (breadfruit) tree in Malaysia which can be found in abundance perhaps more populated than the inhabitants themselves. A short 10mins ferry boat ride is really exhilarating under fine wheather and for a small fee of RM6 for a return ticket is just worth an outing. The above picture was one of the many scenes that I captured during an organised photowalk with about 15 other photography enthusiasts from ShutterAsia.

The kampung of Pulau Aman is located on the northeast side of the island and a network of cemented walkways make you on track to wherever you intend to go. Really, the place isn't big, and you are unlikely to get lost. While walking I wonder what a simple life it must be on the island as the residents are really easy-going lot, and I am afraid that once the village island gets to be more developed like having more chalets (pic below) the island would lose its transquility. The island's name has to be changed then!