Sunday, December 7, 2008

Black & White (Part II)

An image comprise of pixels described by RGB. I like B that stands for Blue, as this colour will turn blue to white when transformed into a "black & white" monochrome. While the red and green, will turn the image black and sheds of grey. Hence when i see a scene, immediately my mind will visualise a black & white version... and blue appears aplenty near the coastline with abundance of blue sky and sometimes a blue sea especially in the morning low temperature. Hope you enjoy my black & white images.

The above and below images are the same structure, a ruined dilapidated jetty in Pantai Merdeka. It has plenty of barnacles that provided a lot of contrast to the beige coloured shore, coupled with a storm-coming backdrop. Just a nice combination, god made

The next two images are captured in Teluk Tempoyak with a clean horizon (well almost, as I duly removed some sailing ships far away on the horizontal line). I tend to create more shadows with the slow shutter speed effect, whilst smooth creamy water is another side effect

Its under the Penang Bridge. I come here very often and every time there's a different kind of lighting especially the intensity and angle of the source. Fascinating, as I can revisit countless of times with many permutation of shots (need to buy a good pair trekking shoe as I keep slipping with the present one, heh)

Hopefully, part III is around the corner with a B+W ND#110...yay yay