Sunday, January 31, 2010

Black & White

It was a mundane weekend when i decided to have a go with Nikon CLS with the help of Alif medieval_axer. We quickly set up a mini studio shoot in the bedroom with the aid of mom's cactus as the subject... i guessed she was wondering why these goonies smuggled 2 pots of her gardening upstairs :)

Since I didn't have a photography outing for quite some time now, I invited my niece Nadia and my family to Balik Pulau for a sunset. Just before reaching the destination, we tried the laksa janggus in Balik Pulau. Dang! it was a long queue for a taste of laksa that is not great.

It was a 15 minute window for a sunset that angled not to my expectation, nevertheless we almost had 'fun' being suck into the mud plain. Here is a shot after that almost misfortune.

Have a nice week ... :-)

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